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  • InteriorWORLD 2004
  • InteriorWORLD 2003

    InteriorWORLD 2004

    In comparison with the previous fair in 2004 the number of the participants became 1.5 times bigger, and the whole space of the exhibition twice bigger. Traditionally the largest representatives of different fields of the interior industry exhibited in the project. The range of the presented production together with the variety of the special events at the Fair in 2004 has grown significantly.

    Questioning the participants of Interior World 2004 showed:
    82% of the exhibiting companies pointed out high-quality level of the participants as good and excellent,
    43% of the participants signed contracts directly on-site,
    83% confirmed in advance their intention to participate in 2005 and, moreover, 50% of them advanced the booth area,
    87% of the participants mentioned high level of the fair overall perfomance & organization.

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  • InteriorWORLD 2004
  • InteriorWORLD 2003

    InteriorWORLD 2003


    More than 80 Russian and foreign companies and also specialized editions took part in Interior World 2003. The exhibition represented about 300 leading brands from Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain and other countries.

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    About 5000 professionals from all Russian regions, as well as from abroad, have visited Interior World 2003.

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