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«... At MIPIM (the largest international real estate exhibition in Cannes) pravitelstvoprivezlo capital program for the development of hotel and tourist-recreation zone« Golden Ring of Moscow ». The program is implemented within the framework of «General scheme of hotels in Moscow before the year 2010», which provides for a doubling of hotel stock by 2010. Now the city fund of 150 hotels (64 thousand seats). By 2010, plans to build a network of hotels to 62 thousand seats. Through the creation of multi-service infrastructure Moscow tourists «Golden Ring of Moscow» Moscow authorities hope to increase tourism revenues from $ 1 billion to $ 2.5 billion attracted investors on a competitive basis, but still low interest from investors to build a three-hotel, connected with big payback period of such projects - up to 15 years. Alternatively, the program of metropolitan government even had to pay contractors for the construction of 50 hotels largest panel stewards DSC-1, which is going to build them out of the new Seri panel entitled «Jubilee» ... »

(Komersant. MONEY. № 11[516] 21.03, -27,03,2005, p. 96)

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