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About The Exhibition


06/01/2010 Refin Ceramiche Italian company specialized in the production of high quality floor and wall tiles of good design.

27/07/2006 International Building Exhibition of 2006 - the first exhibition in the framework of the national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia»

16/01/2006 The company «Best Buy and K» announced its participation in the exhibition «The interior, decoration, decoration and design», passing in the «International Building Exhibition 2006»

16/01/2006 Company «MIAL-C» has confirmed its participation in the «International Construction Exhibition 2006» in section «interior, decoration, decoration and design»

28/09/2005 Attention! Announcement of Speaker Materials and Technologies "!

27/09/2005 Exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005 has successfully completed its work!

08/09/2005 GAO Moscow invites all guests to visit the Round Table «The standards of international hotel operators and the design of a hotel room», which will be held on 14 September 2005 at 12.00 am in the Media Center

02/09/2005 "Ladder SWN" welcomes visitors InteriorWorld 2005

01/09/2005 ATTENTION! Important information!

01/09/2005 Attention! Useful information!

23/08/2005 DreamLake present their furniture at InteriorWorld 2005 exhibition!

23/08/2005 "DreamLake" - presents his furniture at the exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design 2005"

22/08/2005 Information for visitors!

15/08/2005 Press - release of "Autumn in the construction of the Olympic"

09/08/2005 «DECOR CENTER« OYKOS »is a new decorative material - Travertino Romano

03/08/2005 KARE Nouar will present at the exhibition, all shades of stretch ceilings new collection

29/07/2005 The exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design 2005" Company "Edvar International" will introduce new items of paints and coatings leader among American manufacturers "Benjamin Moor"

18/07/2005 His part in "The interior decoration, decor and design of 2005 confirmed the company Decolux

18/07/2005 Attention! The Organizing Committee of the Exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005 in conjunction with the Russian Hotel Association brings together representatives of hotels

30/06/2005 The products of the best British and European manufacturers are already in September at InteriorWorld you can see on the stand of Eskap Service

29/06/2005 SKOL Company presents new items. A full range you can see at the exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design 2005"

22/06/2005 A regular increase in the product range of "Mahogany"

21/06/2005 12.09.2005 in the exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decoration and design" and "Bathroom kitchen" GAO "Moscow" will introduce its new program "Building a hotel!"

21/06/2005 Exhibitor "Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005," Company "Amber lock" shared success

31/05/2005 Electric fireplaces latest development - in an updated collection of a group of companies "English electric!

20/04/2005 Company ATERI introduce you to the office and plumbing walls of their own production

15/04/2005 Company ELITE PARQUET were provided with updated collection of laminated flooring ALLOC

23/03/2005 Five hot news "GODIN"

23/03/2005 His participation in the exhibition "Interior World 2005" confirmed the company Ortgraf Company

18/03/2005 You can see it in the exhibition "Interior World 2005" The new system of office partitions

24/02/2005 New decors ALLOC «Bamboo» and «wenge»

20/01/2005 Special creation of Empire - Decor

19/01/2005 Main stage in home theater

28/12/2004 Organizers of "Interior World" Happy New Year!

01/11/2004 Results of "Interior World 2004"

16/09/2004 The exhibition has successfully concluded its work

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