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Press about us - Journal Domovlodelets VIP 11-12/2004 # 2

Journal Domovlodelets VIP 11-12/2004 # 2

favorite for the few.
At Interior World 2005: Booth new project «bourgeois Decor» known «Rosstayl» signed as a piece of classical interiors luxury home living room. It is dazzling bright, enthusiastic views magnetic visitors variant show rooma focus, of course, to the most discerning homeowners. For those who deliberately follows the principle of «the best of the best», who subject the their habitat, such that every element of design, each accessory confirming electing owner and demanding his impeccable taste, for whom the luxury - the rule of life. The project «bourgeois Decor» really brought the best finishing materials and interior class «premium». This wallpaper, wall and floor coverings priemuschestvenno from natural materials (bamboo, jute, sisal, leather), fabric, ceramic tiles and mosaic panels (inlay with 24-carat gold), stucco and accessories. The company is the official representative of leading European factories. The products of many of them produced, as a rule, limited edition and custom, in Russia you can see exclusively here, in a unique collection of the project «Decor bourgeois».

«Conversion» Murals
particular interest to visitors Interior World 2005 sparked a collection of murals, represented in the stand «Color-City». This is a reproduction of the ancient masters of the best murals, reproducing the ancient technique of mural painting in which the image is applied to wet plaster yet. Frescoes are manufactured using modern technology and represent the image, put on a special composition of quartz sand in a self-substrate. Just remove the protective film from the substrate by pushing fresco to the surface smooth - and the amazing picture, with an accuracy of repeated manual work, is ready! A collection of frescoes include twelve prints, which perfectly «revive» interior and give it the antique sophistication.
Another new company «Color City» - Texture Wallpaper by painting Renovaliss. However, wallpaper is a decorative coating can be described as very conditional, because it is based is not paper, and polyester. The coating has the additional noise and heat insulation properties, and after the painting reflected his amazing and unique texture. But the main thing is that after the application of paint on the wallpaper because the structure is manifested two colors. One color - the color of the paint itself, and the second - on the lighter tone.

Under the «solar wind».
vertical and horizontal, with the figure, and without - it seemed, as another part of blinds you can surprise the experienced user? It turns out you can. The Belarusian company «Riokrit» is a developer of unique shaped fabric shutters under the brand «Solar Sails». The originality of this collection is that the lamellas for shutters cut wave at a special laser system to guarantee the accuracy of cut and identity. Unusual shape and rotation of lamellas of different colors attached to the finished product volume and create a unique visual effect the game of light and shadow ...

Tatout at bar.
At Interior World 2004, CityLife introduced the new season - composite blinds. These vertical blinds to put on their full color images. In comparison with the photo-shutter, when film is patterned lamellas glued to plastic, composite blinds allow higher resistance pattern. Fabric proshivaetsya of special technology at the molecular level. Therefore, «image» (photo, logo, text) does not burn in the sun a long time, preserving the natural color of the juices. Composite blinds can be successfully applied to the original decoration of the office and home interiors, as well as the original promotional materials ...

Ambulance metal.
That's what director «Honey and Met» Is it a joke, or seriously explained to me her name. Manufacture stair railings and balcony enclosures in stainless steel - these are the main specialty of this company. At Interior World 2004, presented samples of work, allowing chudit a high level of skill of local professionals from the metal, have adopted the invaluable experience of the Soviet «obornki». In production use modern technology of metal working and dyeing powder enamels. The elegant railings and fences in ultramodnom style «High-tech» from «Honey and Met» will look fine from the outside and inside the country cottages.

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