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About The Exhibition

Press about us - Journal of Modern House "№ 9/62/2004 November

magazine "Modern House" № 9/62/2004 November

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Energy, Union of Designers of Russia, was reported as highly specialized. The main objective of the project - draw a maximum of professionals and companies involved in engineering, design and finishing. The first experience of such activities by the Agency IFA exhibition last autumn, confirmed the validity of exhibitions for the target audience. The format of «only for professionals» guarantees the participation of companies working directly in the interior industry, but interest from professional audience provides opportunities for business communication. Because of the specialized work not so much on the image of the company party, but rather allow it to increase the number of customers, increase its influence in the relevant market sector goods and services.

This year the exhibition was attended by about 100 Russian and foreign companies, and specialized publications, which significantly exceeded the number of participants last year's forum. In total more than 300 brands from Russia, CIS countries, as well as Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, etc. The broad geography of the participants in line with a wide range of services and materials proposed for the creation, finishing and Interior decoration. Exhibition sites are not only joined the professional architects, designers, decorators, but also gave them the opportunity to meet with producers, suppliers of materials and goods, which is inconceivable without the establishment of a modern interior. In addition to companies and brands with an impeccable reputation, such as BISAZZA, FRANCE-DECO'R 3000 and the other, the participants were introduced and lesser-known Russian and foreign companies, steadily gaining the position in our market.

organizers managed to make the modern exhibition site in the original workshops, where professionals can familiarize themselves with new developments in the field of building technologies and design solutions. As part of daily lectures, workshops, master classes and round tables with the participation of specialists of the companies involved in construction and interior design. The range of issues for discussion, was very extensive: from the revival of the old technology to the design of the future, as well as the ratio of the projects and fees. A detailed program, first of all, take into account the interests of professional visitors, which was close to an atmosphere of creative interaction.

At the same time to the project «The interior, decoration, decoration and design» exposition «Bath and Kitchen 2004». Experience of events once again confirmed the strategic calculation of the organizers: Special exhibitions are promising because they have a need for professionals who are interested not in pafosnoy presentations, but in mutually beneficial cooperation.

rapid technological progress and increasing the technical capacity of the consumer market requiring professional knowledge of the latest developments in all areas of interior industry. One of the most accessible means of obtaining such information «first-hand» and are similar exhibitions. Therefore, there is no doubt that they are destined to a long and interesting life - it's human to improve their housing, making a private space in the comfortable and aesthetically perfect.

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