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About The Exhibition

Press about us - "landlord" 1-2/2004

«landlord» 1-2/2004

In September 2003, in the UK «Olympic» the first International Specialized Exhibition «Interiors, decorating, decoration and design». Business-format exhibition is designed primarily for professionals: architects, designers and builders. That is why among the visitors of the forum was not random people, a rich part of the business activities (presentations, master classes, round table) was always filled with the conference room. The exhibition presented the achievements of leading Russian and foreign industry. Here are some of them.

DECOR «haute couture»

to the stand of «France Decor 3000» it was impossible to break, regardless of the day and time of day! Visitors to a dense ring obstupili masters, watch the way they paint a virtuoso demonstration boards. This illustrative master-class in the «non-stop» aims was to introduce designers and private homeowners with a diverse palette of modern decorative finishing materials. Here and classic Venetian plaster Rococo, and a unique new kind of semi-precious stone, the Moroccan plaster Facon Tadelakt, and polychromatic coating Polistof and Sabula, and relief Fibrecire with natural beeswax, skillfully «sostarivayuschy» surface of the wall and paint, imitating various tissues, including the so-called «Royal silk» and «Liquid Cotton».
Address: 119048, Moscow, St. Usacheva., house 64, p. 1.
Tel.: (095) 937-43-66, 937-43-67. ;


Company «Stromdizayn» presented at the sensational novelty - a collection of «liquid metal» Australia Axolotl. This unique substance of non-ferrous metals (copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, tin, etc.) uses a proprietary technology to any surface (plaster, plastic, wood), just changed it! Create the film, the strength of adhesion to the substrate is such that after drying Metal thus the product can be subjected to all kinds of machining: grinding, polishing, engraving. Of course, new technology will be in demand in the architecture, sculpture, for the manufacture of furniture and interior.
Address: 115162, Moscow, st. Havskaya, house 11.
Tel. (095) 952-08-86, tel./fax (095) 959-94-36 ;

staircase - only a pair of

At stand «Decor» (Kazan) has attracted the attention of visitors «Krendelev», bent out of steel pipes ... . Practical application of a miracle-there is no product. Except one thing: in this way (the company has demonstrated great ability to produce. Specialization company - stair enclosure. This light, elegant products of aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The company operates in Kazan, now in its seventh year, and the recently opened Moscow office. In portfolio:. ladders (including screws), balcony frames, cupboards, coupe, original decorative interior.
Address: Leninsky prospect, 42/1.
Tel. (095) 938-77-11, 938-72-46
Kazan, ul. Dementieva, 2B.
Tel. (8432) 71-32-30, 10-51-98, 10-51-90 ;

Obedient BLINDS

extensive collection of blinds and roller blinds presented at its booth Moscow company «BLK groups» The company has its own production and specializes in the production of various types of sun blinds, rolstaven, garage doors and other structures made of aluminum. Noteworthy that almost all systems can be equipped with an automatic. In this case, management is carried out remotely - via the remote control. Such automated systems can be easily integrated into a comprehensive vision of life «Smart House».
Address: 113093, Moscow, Podolsk shosse, 8, Building 5
Tel. (095) 797-47-78

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